Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds

2016-05-07 18:31:57 by Mr-Stuff-Guy


Hi My name is Matthew Reid known on here as Mr. Stuff Guy.  I’ve been on Newgrounds before but I’ve never uploaded here until today.  I plan to make comics, cartoons, and music. As of right now the only project that I’m making is Power Squad, a webcomic (and hopefully one day a musical webtoon) that I created about four teenagers with charms that give them super powers, but they only really use them to go on adventures and their own selfish needs.   As of right now I’m not animating for any but myself, I’m willing to write music for people but I don’t wanna do it until I start uploading my own so that way I'll have the confidence to do it for you, the same goes for regular writing. 


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2016-05-07 19:06:54

I look forward to your submissions.